Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too much red tape, again

The trailer boat pulled into the South Watuppa pond parking lot and headed for the boat ramp. When it approached the yellow tape line cordoning off the ramp, the operator was approached by an environmental police officer. The driver was asked to produce all the baits he had on board and to fill out a questionnaire detailing the last bodies of water he had launched in. After the 15-minute inspection, he was presented with the option of driving his trailer into the neutral decontamination bath (for a prescribed fee) or turning around and going home. If that sounds a bit outrageous it just might be today, but perhaps not in the future.

Recreational and commercial fishermen have been oppressed by an onslaught of restrictive government regulations, the vast majority of which are the result of flawed data. In this writer’s not so humble opinion, the defective science that has been employed over the past several years in the management of the summer flounder and black sea bass fisheries is not dissimilar to the contrived data used by the an environmental movement that is hell bent on crippling our economy.

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