Sunday, March 28, 2010

EDF Fascism

Pay attention to this as this is what we have been telling everyone we are up against.  On this link on the left side near the top you will read about 60 fishermen, 23 Environmental Defense Fund(EDF) staff, and 89 meetings.  This is 1 EDF staff person for 3 fishermen.  

There is no limit of money that edf will spend to take you off the water and destroy your lively hood, your communities, and a way of life we have all enjoyed. After seeing this, there cannot be any doubt of how EDF is working against you. Apparently they will spend their last donated foundation dollar to put you out of business.
For those of you in the Gulf, some of these 60 fishermen were from your area
of Destin, Orange Beach, and other Gulf locations.

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