Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank you notes


Faxes will be much stronger than emails—If we can load up their faxes. They will remember us! Please ask all of your friends and members of you group to please fax ALL these folks that stood up for our rights to fish and to help us change the Maguson Act. We all need to thank them personally and help to rally more support. If you cant fax please email or write. If I forgot any speakers please update.


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Thanks—Tom Adams 850-381-1313

From: Pam Anderson [mailto:pamheartsofhope@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2010 9:44 PM
To: 4tomadams@gmail.com
Subject: Fwd: legislators and speakers

Here is info on the legislators we spoke to plus a list of speakers, which may not be total but to the best of memory. The first 4 are from FL, the rest from where they are listed. You can find their fax numbers by going to www.thomas.loc.gov and finding their web sites. I placed “spoke” by those who did. The rest were contacted by our team, the ones who spoke at the rally except for Senator LeMieux were contacted by others. When contacting to thank please state our appreciation for their attention and continued effort to conduct hearings and to reform Magnuson.

Senator LeMieux: Frank_Walker@LeMieux.senate.gov, fax 202-228-5171, LeMieux spoke

Senator Nelson: susie_perezquinn@billnelson.senate.gov , fax 202-228-2183, also Stratton_Kirton@billnelson.senate.gov

Congressman Boyd, Josh.Gifford@mail.house.gov, fax 202-225-5615

Congressman Miller, Elizabeth.McErlean@mail.house.gov, fax 202-225-3414

Congressman Bonner, AL, Matt.weinstein@mail.house.gov, fax 202-225-0562

Congressman Cassidy, LA, michael.biagi@mail.house.gov, fax 202-225-7313

Congressman Carol Shea-Porter, NH, robert.moller@mail.house.gov, fax 202-225-5822

Congressman Donna Christensen, VI, makeda.okolo@mail.house.gov, fax 202-225-5517

Congressman Inslee, WA, Celina.cunningham@mail.house.gov, fax 202-226-1606

Congressman Kratovil, MD, ben.abrams@mail.house.gov, fax 202-225-0254

Senator Shelby, AL, Laura_Friedel@shelby.senate.gov, fax 202-

Senator Sessions, AL, Melissa_shute@sessions.senate.gov, fax 202-

Senator Maria Cantwell: WA, jeffrey_watters@cantwell.senate.gov, fax 202-228-0514

Senator DeMint, SC, Jacqueline_gelb@demint.senate.gov, fax 202-228-5143

Senator Schumer, NY, spoke-202-228-3027

Senator Scott Brown, MA, spoke

Senator Gillibrand, NY, spoke 212-688 7444

Senator Hagen, NC, spoke 202-288-2563

Senator Burr, NC, spoke 202-228-2981

Congressman Pallone (NJ), spoke 202-225-9665

Congressman Frank (MA), spoke-202-225-0182

Congressman Tierney (MA), spoke 202-225-5915

Congressman Adler (NJ), spoke202-225-0778

Congressman Macintire (NC), spoke 202 2255773

Congressman Brown (SC), spoke 202-225-3407

Congressman Jones (NC), spoke 202 225-3415

Congressman Putnam (FL), spoke 202 225 0585

Congressman Mica (FL), spoke202 225-0821

Congressman Wittman (VA), spoke 202 225-4261

Congressman LoBiondo (NJ), spoke 202-225-3318

Capt. Bob Zales, II


Ph 850-763-6242

Fax 850-763-3558

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