Friday, March 12, 2010

Short Shark Season--From Lisa Steelman

Subject: commercial shark season

I just tried to post this on Fishermen's Voice page, but was unable. Please pass this info along as you see fit. Thanks so much!!

Dave just got off the phone with Margo Shulze-Haugen (Highly Migratory Species Div, NOAA).

Shark season is f*cking over on march 17th in the gulf. This is devesating for us. Because of weather temps, etc. this will limit Dave's season to less than 7 days. Shark is his primary harvest.

Margo Shulze claims that the quota has been met by Louisiana since the opening of the season on Feb 4th (in one month? really??). She also said that (AND I QUOTE), "The fishermen tell me that they only want a few week to a month season because they want to fish for something else." She also said that in the long line commericial shark fishery that we have the ability to catch large coastal's WITHOUT catching small coastals. Dave says BULLSH*T.
She said, "WE HAVE TO GO BY OUR SCIENCE AND THE DATA GIVEN BY THE FISHERMEN". Well, something isn't jiving here.
The minute Dave hung up with her, he called Madiera Beach Seafood (his main buyer). Bobby Spaeth called her right away and was told that she's out of the office until Monday. She knew to expect Madiera's phone call. How convienient.

Dave told her that NMFS and NOAA will not win. He told her that, "THE FISHERMEN WILL NOT GIVE UP, AND WE WILL NOT QUIT FISHING"

Here is Margo's contact information. Now is the time to let her hear our voices!! Flood that inbox!!!!!


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