Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If you have not sent your comments in to the Gulf Council regarding Sector Separation and Catch Shares, please do so tonight or early in the morning. They will be voting on them tomorrow. Sector separation is an attempt to split the recreational sector between for-hire and private anglers. We all fish for recreation...United We Fish! Catch shares will only help fishery managers' jobs get easier, not give us more fish. It will cause the price of fishing to go up substantially. The environmental groups are pushing hard for this policy in the U.S.
See how to vote below...

United We Fish!

Now is the time to sound off loud and clear. If you want something, you should be prepared to fight for it.

Today, you can take two specific actions.
First, we have a concern that the Gulf Council is not hearing the 6 million Gulf recreational anglers when we say NO SECTOR SEPARATION. A recreational angler should have the right to chose how they fish, be it a private boat, a hired boat with a licensed captain or from shore.
There is a small group of charter boat captains and owners who think they are entitled to all the fish that their recreational angler paying customers caught. This group is being backed by the Environmental Defense Fund in order to bring catch shares to the recreational fishery. They must be stopped.
Send a short email to the Council TODAY (they will vote tomorrow morning on moving forward with this unconstitutional concept). Email to

Here is all you need to say (OK to put more in if you like):

Dear Gulf Council-
My name is___________. I am a (recreational angler, charter captain or commercial fisherman) and I am OPPOSED to any idea that gives a boat captain the right to MY ACCESS to the fishery.
Again, I OPPOSE SECTOR SEPARATION. I also OPPOSE any concept of recreational catch shares.

Thank you,

Your Name

Second, there is a petition online that you should sign. The petition is a concerted effort lead by the Central Florida Offshore Anglers, the Halifax Sportfishing Club, the Sebastian Inlet Sportfishing Association and the Florida Sport Fishing Association. It is about the South Atlantic Red Snapper closure.
Go to

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