Monday, February 8, 2010

Catch Shares Cram Down

Everyone needs to read this and pass it on to everyone you know. This is an excellent story. The current NOAA FY2011 Budget has a request for money and jobs to push catch shares.

PROGRAM CHANGES FOR FY 2011: (page 181 NOAA budget estimates FY 2001)

National Catch Share Program (+10 Full Time Employees and +$36,600,000): NOAA requests an increase of 10 FTE and $36,600,000 for a total of $54,002,000 and 17 FTE, to accelerate and enhance implementation of a National Catch Share Program. Rebuilding our Nation’s fisheries is essential to preserving the livelihood of fishermen, the vibrancy of our coastal communities, a sustainable supply of healthy seafood, and restoring ocean ecosystems to a healthy state. Catch share programs give fishermen a stake in the benefits of a well-managed fishery, and therefore greater incentive to ensure effective management.

Read the entire NOAA Budget Estimate

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