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Update On DC March

Here is the summary from the conference call we had on Wed. Sorry for the delay. For those who have web sites where the United We Fish is listed I will have more info you about the issue of UWF being trademarked and what to list on your site. The owner is being cooperative about this and we will be able to continue using UWF as none of us are attempting to profit from it's use.

Information on bus parking will be provide shortly as we are waiting on info from Jim Donofrio. Info on the issues we are supporting and pushing will also be provided soon.



TO: Jeff Deem, Jim Hull, Mitch Roffer, Dennis O’Hern, Maggie Raymond, Bob Jones, Jim Bussey, Bob Zales, Bob Spaeth, Rusty Hudson, Adam Nowalsky, Dave Heil, Pam Anderson, Nils Stolpe, Greg DiDomenico, Dave Smith, Tony Bogan, Capt. Mark Brown, Ray Bogan,, Jeff Reichle,Wes Covington

FROM: Jim Donofrio

RE: March on DC Organizers Conference Call (Organizers)

DATE: January 21, 2010

Setup – Jim Donofrio has been in contact with CSI, a DC based event coordinating firm. Through this group, an 18’ x 26’ stage, 20 chairs, sound system, and diesel generator has been rented for the rally. CSI will begin setup at approximately 8am and should have it completed by 11am. Capitol Hill Police indicated that the Area 1, the original rally location, is being reseeded and this will require the location of the rally be moved to Area 2, Upper Senate Park. This location is on the west side of the US Capitol. Jim is also working with CSI to have a banner made for use during the rally. Total cost is $11,750.35. (A separate request has been emailed to all Organizers to help defray the cost of the system.)

Banners/Flags -- As indicated by Jim Donofrio, a large banner will made for the rally with the slogan, United We Fish™. RFA has a limited agreement with the owner of United We Fish™. to use the slogan for this one time “for the purpose of marketing and promoting” the rally in DC on 2/24/2010. We ask that Organizers pass along to groups that United We Fish™ is trademarked by another party, and that the slogan not be used on any shirts, signs, stickers, or other tangible items without first contacting that party.

Jim Donofrio has purchased 250 ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Gadsden Flags which he will hand out at the rally. The Capitol Hill Police have very specific rules about signs. All supports for signs must not exceed three quarters (¾) of an inch at their largest point, have dull ends, and made entirely of wood. There can be no nails, screws, or bolt-type fastening devices protruding from the wooden supports. These items may not be used to offer any item for sale, to solicit contributions or contain any form of advertising.

Any display of signs, banners, placards, and related items is strictly prohibited inside all Capitol Buildings so signs must be taken care of proper if you intend to meet with members of Congress. Jim Donofrio suggested that any signs have their city and state listed so legislators can identify that their constituents are represented in the crowd.

Buses – For those attending that will be arriving by bus, it will be necessary to direct the buses to let you off at Union Station. As for parking, Jim will contact a local bus company to inquire about offsite parking and get back to everyone. Current estimates indicate that at least 12 buses are confirmed coming from the New Jersey New York area with additional buses expected to come from Virginia and Maryland. Union Station is a few blocks to the northwest of the US Capitol and the rally area.

The following link is to a map of the area, The rally will take place at Area 2 (Upper Senate Park) on the map. We are informed that bathrooms are close to this area.

Letters of Invitations – Several legislators have already confirmed their attendance at the rally. Senators Schumer and Lemieux will be on stage at 12pm but will need to leave around 1pm for a Leadership Lunch. Representative Pallone, sponsor of HR 1584, will also attend. The RFA is contacting several other members of congress about attending through written invitations. There are 25 cosponsors of the House bill, 7 are from Florida. The complete list can be viewed at the following list,|/bss/111search.html/ Jim Donofrio suggested that organizers review the list of cosponsors and reach out to those in their respective states. Letters should go out as soon as possible and be followed up with phone calls to the member’s scheduler.

Master of Ceremony -- Jim Donofrio suggested that Ray Bogan be designated as the emcee for the rally. Many of the organizers have worked with Ray through ICCAT, the regional councils and other fishery management forums. Ray’s family has a tremendous history in the party boat fishery and he is a practicing attorney with a great deal of experience in fisheries and maritime law. Those who have heard Ray debate fisheries issues know that he is extremely articulate and knowledgeable about fishing and our industry.

Message -- Over the coming weeks, a one page briefing paper will be distributed to Organizers. The paper will have a simple, concise message that addresses the major issues that are impacting our sport and industry. Regardless of the region or fishery, nearly all of our problems are linked to Magnuson and the need for better science. It is extremely important to have a unified, simple message when speaking to the media leading up to, during and after the rally. Pew holds significant control over the media so it will be important that we choose our words carefully or they will be used against us to minimize the importance of the rally. Issues can be discussed in greater detail with members of Congress or staff.

Bob Jones indicated that they already have talking points on the issue and may be used as a starting point. These will be circulated to those on the call. Once finalized, these bullets should also be circulated to rally attendees in advance of the rally and passed along to those coming by bus. It will be important for Organizers to stress to their groups and attendees the importance of staying on message (“more science, less arbitrary deadlines”)

Meetings – It is important to reach out members of Congress from your district or state that are not supporting the Flexibility or Red Snapper bills and try to schedule meetings around the rally as soon as possible.

Coordination – Email addresses and cell phone numbers will be distributed to everyone on the call. Nils Stolpe, Jim Hutchinson and Capt. Adam Nowalsky will spearhead a simple website initiative for the event with media & outreach information, as well as specifics for those planning to attend. United We Fish™ Network will forward all visitors to the website directly to the web address that we provide, in exchange websites of Organizers using the United We Fish™ must direct link back to, accompanied by text to read "United We Fish™ trademark is property of United We Network™” Stolpe/Hutchinson/Nowalsky will work out kinks with web address to ensure seamless process.

Capt. Bob Zales, II
bus. ph 850-763-7249
fax 850-763-3558

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