Monday, January 11, 2010

NMFS Meeting Panama City Beach

National Marine Fisheries Service Meeting
Thursday January 14 2010
Panama City Beach
Boardwalk Beach Resort
6:00 pm

Please attend this meeting and forward this information to all parties interested in protecting their coastal communities from the devastating impact of overly restrictive fishing regulations by the federal government.

A massive show of public support for the following issues is badly needed:

  1. Say no to "catch shares"! The radical environmentalists are pushing for adoption.
  2. Say no to " sector seperation"! The radical enviromentalists are pushing for adoption.
  3. Say no to vessel monitoring systems! The radical enviromentalists are pushing for adoption
  4. Say no to fish traps in the Gulf!
  5. Say yes to better data for better management!
  6. Say yes to passage of the Pallone bill HR-1584 and the Shumer bill s-1255
  7. Tell your story about how more restrictions are not needed and economically devastating. "Standard 8" requires the economic impact of regulations to be considered.
We need a huge crowd at this meeting.

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  1. Thank you all.

    Unity is our only weapon.

    My family has been small-boat scalloping for 20 years. The Council & NMFS have devastated the general category fleet with amendment 11.

    The few guys left when it goes to catch shares will not have enough quota. They will be forced to sell out to the big guys.

    Scallops are not over fished presently, or in the past few years. In fact, some closed area scallops are dying of old age.

    They used no science in this scallop regulation, it was unfair to fishermen from different states & is devastating the related fishing businesses in our communities. For every $1 landed in fish, $4 is generated. This is all lost.

    NMFS equals Now My Family Starves