Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catching Your Share

January 25, 2010

Have you ever been deep sea fishing? Until last summer, I hadn’t. Which is rather surprising, since I grew up here on the Gulf Coast and spent most of my impressionable days on the deck of one boat or another. It was a warm day in late May. The first few catches were decent B-liners (Vermillion Snapper). The next week Red Snapper season opened and I’m still not sure who was more hooked, me or the fish. The fight at the bottom of the line made dinner taste that much better. I’m not alone. Offshore fishing is big business.

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  2. Gulf Coast Friends,

    We’ve got someone a new user on the MexicoBeachTalk board arguing for the new
    fishing regs. His argument is that the economic impact will be minimal.

    I’d like for him to hear from some full time residents about the real impact on their lives. Please come join the discussion and/or forward this to anyone you know that can
    formulate an intelligent response.

    Join the discussion here

    Thank you,