Thursday, April 1, 2010


I would like to suggest to all our friends and followers here at Fishermans Voice and United we Fish Blogspot to please dig deep and join or contribute to Conservation Cooperative of Gulf Fishermen .. Bob Zales and Pam and Ken Anderson work tirelessly for our rights to fish, especially here on the Gulf Coast. They are the ones that speak directly with Congressmen and Senators along with the NMFS and NOAA. They travel to all the meetings and were a big part of organizing the Rally in Washington. While we may have gone to the rally for a day—They were there for nearly a week –having meetings with our elected officialsto get US some backing.
Please take some time out to look at their website—join up or at least make a contribution.
We need to help them to help us. These are OUR lobbyists! They need a little funding so we can stave off the likes of Pew and EDF and all the disinformation they put out in articles!

Tom Adams--850-381-1313

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