Monday, November 16, 2009


Research submitted by Dr. Bob Shipp, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council’s Chairman, to NMFS’ Science and Statistical Committee and then not considered as ‘best available data’ confirms what anglers across the Gulf testified. Says Dr. Shipp, “There are not areas of the Gulf which have become less productive for red snapper in recent decades. And in fact, 1)recent landings data (1999-2002) from the Florida west coast when compared to landings data (1995-1999) provided by Schirripa and Legault (1999), 2) testimony by reputable commercial fishermen at GMFMC meetings (March, 2006), and 3) testimony by a NMFS scientist at FMFMC meeting (November, 2006) using fishery independent methods all support the view that red snapper stocks in that area are increasing.”

In addition to this research, Dr. Frank Hester disputes the validity of the Southeast Data Assessment Review (SEDAR) process which determines for the NMFS Science Center what regulations are to be implemented in order meet the MSRA requirements.

Catch Share Programs Exposed

Truths, Misconceptions and Misrepresentations about Catch Shares and IFQs.

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